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Information. Support. Treatment. TODAY

ABA Today is dedicated to providing individuals and their families with support and information TODAY! We provide short-term and 
long-term ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) services to individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Family needs are our central focus and we treat the family as a whole.  All services are provided in the home and community environments. 

All ages and functioning levels are accepted in our program. Please click on the Services tab above to view a full list and descriptions of our offered services.

We do our very best to make sure families who need ABA receive it TODAY even if it is not with us. We are dedicated to outreach and are active members in the community bringing ABA awareness to the Greater Austin Area.
P.O. Box 6840
Round Rock, Texas 78683
Phone: 512-508-3362
Fax: 512-233-1759
For information on the K9 Social Skills Class at Austin Dog Alliance please visit http://austindogalliance.org/autism/